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Supporting Brookfield Education Foundation

Monetary Donation

Gifts can take many forms. When making a monetary donation, here are some things to think about to maximize the potential of your gift.

Donation by Check

Simply include a donation form (click here) with your gift, and mail to:

Brookfield Education Foundation
P.O. Box 5047
Brookfield, CT 06804

Check for Matching Gift Opportunities

Your company may match a percentage of your charitable contribution, up to 100%, for gifts to certain types of organizations. Ask your company if it has a program. You may have to get a form from your company and send it to us. Matching gifts are credited to your personal giving record.

IRA Rollover Opportunity

If you are 70-1/2 and older, you can contribute up to $100,000 per year directly to the Brookfield Education Foundation from your IRA without triggering federal income tax on the IRA contribution. This gift would count towards your required minimum distribution, which would usually be taxed. For some taxpayers, making a gift this way will have the same tax consequences as taking a taxable IRA distribution and writing a check to BEF, but this IRA rollover is particularly useful if you do not itemize deductions.

Give Shares of Stock Instead of Cash

Consider contributing appreciated assets such as stocks and mutual fund shares rather than cash. Let’s say you have $10,000 of stock that you purchased years ago for $1,000. If you wanted to sell these stocks and move your money elsewhere, you would have to pay a federal capital gains tax on your $9,000 gain at rates up to 15%. You can avoid paying tax on the gain if you donate the securities, and can then deduct the market value of the shares (in this case $10,000) as a charitable gift, if you itemize deductions. To give appreciated stock, you must have held it for more than one year, and it must be publicly traded.

Other Ways to Donate

Click on one of the links below to explore other ways to support the Foundation.