Donors 2017

The Brookfield Education Foundation gratefully acknowledges donations from the generous members of our community.

  EDUCATOR LEVEL ($2,500 and up)  
  LEADER LEVEL ($1,000 – $2,499)  
  Christine and Michael Lennon
Colette and Daniel Sturm
Brookfield Animal Hospital
Moms Club of Brookfield
  SCHOLAR LEVEL ($500 – $999)  
  The Goddard School/Andall Corporation
Carol and Robert Dores
Catherine and Howard Lasser
Janice and Robert Belden
Joanne Albanesi
Savings Bank of Danbury
Kathryn and Roger Ciriello
Amanda Marshall
  CONTRIBUTOR LEVEL ($250 – $499)  
  Kristen and Shallin Joshi
Stephanie and Eric Rossi
Linda and Drew Wagner
Ingersoll Auto of Danbury
Mitchell Oil
Tito's Vodka
Southridge Technology Group
  FRIEND LEVEL ($100 – $249)  

Linda and Frank DeLucia
Brandi and Steven Caraluzzi
Betsy and Paul McIlvaine
Marc Balanda
Praxair Corporation
Krys Salon
Marlene and Sean McGrade
Kim and Scott McCarthy
Dave Honeyford and Monica McInerney
CDM Imaging
Bobit Business Media
Eleanor and Walter Loesch
Angela and Anthony Reich
Anne and William Lohan
Kathryn and Brue Wandelmaier
Mary and David Borges
Jamee and Shanaz Moudad, Ph.D.s
Patricia Xavier
Brookfield Learning Center
Judy and Les Heise
Amy and Jim Diezemann
Pam and Richard Martino
Denise and Michael Goldstein
Brookfield Driving School
KM Waxing Center LLC
Ellen and Frank Koh
Twins BBQ

  SUPPORTER LEVEL (25 – $99)  

Laura and Joseph Kabulis
Lisa Muscatello
Adelia and Jason Eddy
Victoria and Robert Lehner
Jenny and David Collins
Silvio Illescas
Vanessa Souza
Laurie and Michael Lazorchak
Melissa and Kenneth Marici
Victor Katz
Zion Banda
Stacy and Christopher Faroul
Kathleen and Dale Morey
Amy and Roman D'Allesandro
Heidi Crague
Yvonne Cech
Barbara Nicolini and Maurizio Ponzeto
Maggie Rogers
Lucia and Jack Brown
Maria Salerno
Logan and Eric Sullender
James Sullivan
James Sarath
Joanne Wright
Johanna Schrader-Fentress
Stephanie and Jim Jackson
Wendy Youngblood
Jennifer and Joseph Garbus
Kimberly and Vincent Rajcula
Joy Greenstein
Julie and Justin Calemmo
Irene and Andrew Corea
Maria Simo
Bulent Ozcakar
Pamela Koniecki
Susan and Patrick Queenan
Margaret and Joseph Bernardo
Rachel and Kennis Koldewyn
Linda and Thomas Higgins
All Natural Lice Removal Service
Cynthia and Kevin Carroll
Virginia Brown
Carolyn and Des Singh
Robin Powell
Heather and Christopher Buckley
Jennifer and John Bierlein
Janet and Sean Ryan
Joy Ann and Martin Squitieri
Katherine and David Boniello
Susan and Josh Yurcisin
Ying Zheng and Wu Zhenjui
Terri Richman
Stacey and Bruno Ranchy
Alison and Joe Cantone
Michelle and Scott Place
Julian Capadose
Catherine Naum
John Chronakos
Jeannine Famiglietti
Kate and Matt Culbreth
Solange and Jose Carlos DaSilva
Maryann Frengs
Allison and Thomas Gaulard
Megan and Sean Henderson
Heidi Hilse
Jennifer and Max Landesbaum
Kristine and Jeffrey LeJava
Patty and Matthew Lennon
Liu Hsin and Tzer-Yi Chen
Melissa Yager
Mr. Willinski
Kelly and Chris Truchsess
Sabina and Mohammed Rouf
Jennifer and Kevin Pink
Shannon Murphy
Heidi and Mike Mateny
Jennifer Malkin
Xuan Jiang
James Fisher
Kerri and Brett Eannarino
Cai Shuan Peng and Qiaohong Ren
Debbie and Michael Brooks
Jennifer and Francis Balzi
Colleen and Dan Balash
Kelly and David Alvarez, Jr.
Lucy and Jason LaPointe

Southridge Technology Group, LLC
Mark Eckstein Creative, LLC
Images Fine Printing
Jaffe Enterprises