Grants Funded: Fitness & Environment

Climbing Wall at Center School (2016)

A major grant from the Brookfield Education Foundation has allowed for the provision of a traverse climbing wall for Center Elementary School. Championed by Physical Education teacher Joe Genovese, the project will focus on improving students’ physical fitness, strength, confidence, listening skills, and communication skills. Brain-based learning through physical activity will also be emphasized via collaboration with classroom teachers, providing opportunities to integrate classroom activities in a fun, innovative manner.
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United States Map at Huckleberry Hill Elementary School (2015)

A mini-grant was awarded to Girl Scout and high school junior Paige Peck for the creation of a map of the United States on the Huckleberry Hill Elementary blacktop. Developing this initiative for her Girl Scout Gold Award project, Paige aims to both provide a visual aid for learning geography and promote physical fitness. Upon its completion, Paige will return to HHES to teach the students interactive games using the map, combining physical activity with learning in an interactive, fun manner.
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Fit Club (2015)

A major grant from the Brookfield Education Foundation is helping students at Huckleberry Hill Elementary School stay fit and physically active! Grant champion and PE teacher Matthew Cudney has introduced The Fit Club, a non-competitive, fitness based exercise program designed to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. The aim of this morning exercise program is to not only improve the participants' overall fitness, but also to increase focus and motivation in the classroom, leading to better academic performance.
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Peaceful Playgrounds (2014)

Center Elementary School was awarded a major grant for "Peaceful Playgrounds", an interactive addition to the blacktop area of the playground working on collaborative play, conflict resolution, and educational play opportunities. Championed by music teacher Lynn Orzolek, this program allows children to play cooperatively in an outside unstructured environment, fostering interpersonal dynamics and bringing a sense of shared experience to all those that play.
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Huck’s PawPatch Garden (2009)

akitaThis community garden behind Huckleberry Hill Elementary School is helping to teach elementary school children about flowers and vegetables, as well as helping the community.  Each class will plant and take care of one area of the garden.  Food is used in the school cafeteria, as well as donated to the Brookfield Food Pantry.  Teachers will use the garden to supplement many of their lessons.  For example, second-grade teachers use the butterfly garden section when their students learn about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Grant requested by Jennifer Tomaino, for Huckleberry Hill Elementary School
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Wii & Pedometers (2009)

Health classes will receive an interactive boost to their curriculum at Whisconier Middle School.  This grant provided for a Wii system, several dance mats and pedometers, allowing students to evaluate and improve upon their current fitness levels.  In this way, many areas of health-related fitness can be emphasized in a fun and motivating manner. Grant requested by Joanne Thompson and Bethany Zancan, Whisconier Middle School
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Arbor Day/Earth Day (2008)

Arbor Day/Earth Day was celebrated town-wide at Huckleberry Hill Elementary School.  The celebration provided a variety of environmental activities, from building bluebird houses to planting pansies.  Presentations by Gerry Griswold, a.k.a. “The Bat Lady” and master gardener Kathy Wandelmaier were offered, all free to the public.

In addition, recent improvements to the nature trail located behind the school were unveiled.  Funding was provided for wildlife-friendly shrubs along the trail, as well as outdoor signage identifying trees, shrubs, and plants.  These improvements will enhance both the educational opportunities available to students and the ease with which they can be used. Grant requested by Amy D’Orio, Brookfield Open Space Legacy, Inc.
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Wii Bowling (2008)

Brookfield senior citizens will learn how to bowl using the latest technology…a Wii game system!  Now they can continue to play this much-loved game, without having to lift a heavy bowling ball.  Plus, they will be able to bowl with their friends, children and grandchildren. Grant requested by Ellen Melville, Brookfield Senior Center
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Rise & Shine fitness walk (2008)

This three-month before-school program stressed the education of our students, parents, staff, senior citizens and community businesses about wellness, health and exercise.  The Rise & Shine program provided opportunity for our community to be physically fit by walking the hallways of HHES.  This grant was for the purchase of pedometers, to enhance participant education and awareness of how many steps they take. Grant requested by Monica Walsh, Huckleberry Hill Elementary School
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Healthy Hearts (2007)

Twelve EKHO Heart-Rate Monitors are being used by the 7th and 8th grade students in the physical education classes.  Students are informing their exercise through immediate feedback regarding their individual heart rates. Grant requested by Jeremy Kasack, Whisconier Middle School
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