Grants Funded: Technology & Science

Mobile Makerspace at the Brookfield Library (2016)

The Brookfield Education Foundation has awarded a major grant to the Brookfield Library for the creation of a Mobile Makerspace. The grant will allow for the provision of a 3D printer, a computerized sewing machine, a Dell Inspiron PC laptop, a MacBook Pro laptop, and 6 Arduino starter kits. The Makerspace will expose the community to new technologies, foster project collaboration and participatory learning, supplement small businesses, and promote STEAM education. The library will be holding classes and programs to teach adults, teens, and kids how to use the equipment, positioning the library to act as a community center for people to gather, learn, and work together.

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Sea Perch Club at Brookfield High School (2016)

A major grant from the Brookfield Education Foundation is providing an interactive opportunity for students interested in STEM fields by supporting the formation of a Sea Perch Club at Brookfield High School. Championed by three senior students, the Sea Perch program introduces students to basic engineering and physics principals through an underwater robotics competition. The grant will fund the robot kits necessary for the program, allowing Sea Perch to continue as a club available for competitive, STEM-minded students at the high school.

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Video Program for Brookfield Schools (2014)

A major grant championed by Technology Specialist Stephen Clark will allow Brookfield students the opportunity to develop knowledge and ideas into clear, logical presentations with the provision of video equipment at all four public schools. This project works in tandem with an existing state grant to provide high quality video streaming service and all equipment necessary to produce live and recorded video, improving communication between the schools' community of learners, the Brookfield community, and the world.

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Technology Connections @ Your Library (2013)
Voted Brookfield's Favorite Grant for 2013!

The Brookfield community will be provided the opportunity to improve their technology skills through a program at the Brookfield Library empowered by a major grant. "Tech Savvy @ Your Library" will provide classes to the community on current and relevant computer-based technologies. Championed by Information Technology Librarian Jennifer Doyle, the grant provides funding for six laptop computers, a mobile charging station, and subscription to an online instructor training service.

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Preschool iPad Apps (2012)

A major grant at Center Elementary School allowed for the provision of iPad apps designed to address specific learning and therapy needs of all the preschool children. Championed by CES Speech Therapist Kerri Bell, the apps span the educational needs of children across several diverse groups, crafting both a positive learning experience and a strong framework for future academic success.

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Online Community of Readers and Writers (2012)

Students at Whisconier Middle School will enhance both their literacy and technology skills through a major grant creating an online community of readers and writers. Championed by WMS teacher Sue Crean, the grant funds Chromebooks that will be used in the new 21st Century Skills Class, allowing literary collaboration between students not only within the Brookfield schools, but throughout the country.

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Kindergarten iPad Program (2011)

Students at Center Elementary School will be combining learning with technology thanks to a BEF major grant funding iPads to a kindergarten classroom. Championed by teacher Michele Tuck, this program aims to use a myriad of applications to work on literacy and numeracy skills, allowing the students to learn attitudes and skills which are a vital foundation for later years.

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Senior Center iPads (2010)

Members of the Brookfield Senior Center have found new technology more accessible and less intimidating, thanks to a major grant providing 3 iPads to the Center.  The seniors have discovered that the ease of iPad manipulation has enabled even self-proclaimed technophobes to enter the digital world.

Grant requested by Ellen Melville, Brookfield Senior Center
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Interactive Response System for the Smart Board (2009)

Interactive response clickers will be added to each classroom at Center School, to increase student engagement.  It will also be used to collect, evaluate and organize assessment data. 

Grant requested by Julie Vaughan, Center Elementary School
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Brookfield TV & Video Production Studio (2007)

State-of-the-art digital video production and editing equipment was provided to Brookfield High School with this major grant.  The studio is located in the media center of the school, and is available for community and school use.  The equipment included both hardware and software, as well as peripherals needed for remote filming and integration with Channel 17. The town makes good use of its cable access channel to inform residents. The new studio and equipment will enhance programming and help students learn valuable skills.

Grant requested by Joe Campbell and Carl Devoe , Brookfield High School
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Birds! Program (2007)

akitaBirds!, The Brookfield Library’s special spring 2007 program series, was sponsored in part.  The bi-weekly program included guest lecturers, as well as discussions on Project FeedWatch, birdscaping, North American birds of prey, “bird-brained” questions, and bird habitats, including the back yard.

Grant requested by Anita Barney, Brookfield Library
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TI Smartview Emulator software (2006)

TI Smartview is software that emulates TI graphing calculators.  It displays an exact representation of the graphing calculator, along with key press history, and three different simultaneous calculator display views.  When used with Smart Boards, it will enable teachers to press virtual calculator buttons displayed on the whiteboard and have the emulator display on the whiteboard change just as if a giant graphing calculator is embedded in the whiteboard.  This mini-grant provided for three copies of the software to be purchased for three math classrooms for use by five math teachers, spanning subjects from Algebra I through Honors Calculus.

Grant requested by Dana Cook, Brookfield High School
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QuarkXpress software (2006)

QuarkXpress software was purchased for the design, layout and publishing of the school newspaper.

Grant requested by Jessica Block, Brookfield High School
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Science lab tables (2005)

In 2004, Goodrich was consolidating their Shelton facility.  A Brookfield resident who is a Goodrich employee contacted BEF, offering a donation of 13 “gently used” lab tables.  The school district welcomed the donation.

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Brookfield Town Library computers and printers (2004)

BEF helped secure a Praxair Library Links program grant for the Brookfield Town Library.  This grant made it possible for the Town library to install new computers and printers for use by library patrons and staff.  The computers and printers that were previously used by the library were donated to town civic groups and individuals.

Grant requested by Dyann Calder and Anita Barney
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